Time to Re-Open

It’s been a month since I wrote asking what Justin Trudeau’s plan was for getting things back to normal.

One month later, no such plan has materialized.

While certain measures will likely need to remain in effect for some time, a growing number of Canadians have made it clear they are ready to resume everyday life. It’s time for Canada to re-open.

Justin Trudeau needs to explain to Canadians what he and his government plan to do to make that happen. So far, he has dodged those questions.

What metrics will be used to determine it is safe to lift restrictions?

What measures will remain in place and for how long?

How do we ensure the most vulnerable in our society are protected?

The Government must enact clear processes and procedures to ensure a timely and smooth transition back to everyday life.

Several Provinces have shared their plans and begun the process of re-opening, but the Liberal Government has remained largely silent. Why?

Moreover, the Trudeau Liberals have spent an unprecedented amount of money—some $150 billion—on COVID-19 relief. When all is said and done, the total cost of COVID-19 is likely to be exponentially higher.

While desperate times call for desperate measures, there must still be accountability. At the very least, Canadians deserve to see some sort of fiscal update and plan in the near future.

The Finance Minister must release his budget, or, at the very least, provide a fiscal update.

Canadians deserve to know the government’s plan to draw back from emergency financing and how their taxes will be affected. Businesses deserve to know what kind of timelines to expect. A lack of transparency about their plans equals a lack of accountability.

Canadians understand and will be accommodating of the fact that sometimes unforeseen circumstances mean plans need to adapt and change. What they will not accommodate is a purely reactionary government that has no plan.