Trudeau Sells Out Canadians for UN Seat

I’ve had a number of constituents ask me how Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is spending his time during the COVID-19 crisis. The answer may surprise you.

When not popping out of his cottage to answer softball questions from the national media, Justin Trudeau appears to have been spending a large chunk of his time campaigning for his dream of a temporary seat on the UN Security Council.

Back in February, when his government was busy ignoring public health warnings about the rapid spread of coronavirus—and as Canada’s railways were being illegally blockaded by protesters—Justin Trudeau was in Africa pandering to dictators in the hope of keeping his UN dreams alive.

If the Liberals’ UN bid is to be successful, Mr. Trudeau will be forced to make deals with leaders from such countries as Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan and Kenya—all of which have been the perpetrators of human rights abuses, endemic violence and, in the
case of South Sudan and the Congo, genocide.

Canadians may also recall the Prime Minister’s generous use of $30,000 taxpayer dollars to take UN Ambassadors to a Broadway performance of the musical Come From Away. That, of course, is nothing compared the hundreds of millions he is likely to spend in his overall attempt to secure the seat.

This week, while he should be busy working to get Canada’s economy back up and running, he is, instead, busy meeting with leaders and diplomats who he feels may put him over the top at the UN.

In the last week alone, Justin Trudeau has spent his time lobbying at least 15 countries, including the leaders of serial human rights offenders Rwanda and Liberia and China who his still holding two Canadians hostage.

The hypocrisy of the Trudeau Liberals reaching out to oppressive African dictators with abysmal human rights and environmental records is, sadly, not surprising. As with the majority of what Justin Trudeau does, the symbolic trumps substance, with plain common sense never even entering the equation.

Justin Trudeau’s love affair with the dysfunctional United Nations has put Canadian sovereignty in danger on more than occasion.

He has funded the UN Relief and Works Agency, an organization with a long history of anti-Semitism and terrorist violence against Israel.

And now, during these difficult times, when the Prime Minster should be busy working to secure Canadian jobs, he’s selling out Canadians for his own vanity.

Here’s my question: Does the Prime Minister really believe that a temporary UN seat—where relations with three of the five permanent, veto power wielding, members of the Security Council are frosty at best—will really undo all the embarrassment and damage this Prime Minister has caused on the world stage?

Moreover, as Conservative leader Andrew Scheer aptly put it earlier this week, “What’s the point of having a UN seat if you have to sell out Canadian values to get it?”