Trudeau Throne Speech a Missed Opportunity to Unify Canadians

Ottawa, ON – Ted Falk, Member of Parliament for Provencher, released the following statement regarding the Liberal government’s Throne Speech:

“The results of the last election were clear: under Justin Trudeau, Canadians are more divided than ever before. Mr. Trudeau has been so divisive he lost 1 million votes and lost seats in every region of the country.

“The Liberal government’s Speech from the Throne was an opportunity to bring Canadians together and express a renewed vision for national unity. Instead, Mr. Trudeau’s vision failed to mention any efforts to heal our regional divides, strengthen our position on the world stage, get Canadians back to work in hard hit regions, or give hope to the millions of Canadians who feel abandoned by this Prime Minister.

“Canadians were offered more of the same: platitudes rather than plans and style rather than substance.

“Despite this disappointment, Canada’s Conservatives stand ready to tackle the challenges ahead. We will continue to fight for Canadians and hold to a vision of a Canada that is stronger when we work together.

“As Provencher’s Member of Parliament I was elected to serve my constituents, not prop up Justin Trudeau’s agenda. I will continue to work hard every day to ensure that all Canadians can have confidence that this country is one for all of us.”