Trudeau Under Investigation…AGAIN

Canada’s Ethics Commissioner has, once again, launched an investigation into Justin Trudeau’s behavior.

This time it centers around the Prime Minister’s choice to award a $900 million contract to a charity with close ties to his family and the Liberal Party.

On June 25th, the Liberal government announced they would be outsourcing the Canada Student Service Grant (CSSG)—a $900 million-dollar program to pay students to volunteer—to the internationally mandated WE Charity.

Needless to say, outsourcing a $900 million-dollar program to a single third party, particularly one so closely tied to the Prime Minister, raised numerous questions and concerns.

According the Prime Minister, WE was the “best and only organization able to deliver” the program.

The charitable sector strongly disagreed and pushed back.

When it came to light that Prime Minister Trudeau, his wife and his mother have all been—and remain—involved with the organization, Conservatives wrote to the Auditor General and the Procurement Ombudsman, asking them to investigate.

Despite the Prime Minister initially defending his decision, within days the Liberal government abruptly backtracked and announced the charity would no longer be managing the program and that the “operational responsibility will be passed [back] to the Government of Canada.”

It’s hardly a coincidence that after Conservatives demanded an investigation, this contract was suddenly cancelled

Justin Trudeau has been found guilty of breaking ethics laws twice already, now he’s under investigation again.

Time and time again, he has used the power of his office to reward his friends and punish his critics.

He has interfered in ongoing criminal cases, defunded the Auditor General, and done everything in his power to shed accountability. This includes attempting to use the cover of COVID-19 to give himself unprecedented, unchecked emergency spending powers and his subsequent decision to shut down Parliament.

At such a critical time, our government needs accountability now more than ever. Unfortunately, Justin Trudeau disagrees.

Justin Trudeau believes he is above the law.

Justin Trudeau clearly has more to hide.

Canadians deserve transparency from their government. Canada’s Conservatives will continue to fight to make sure they get it.