What’s the Plan?

Now that we are beginning to see a decline in the number of new COVID-19 cases, the question foremost in the minds of many Canadians is when can life get back to normal?

What’s the plan?

Sure, the Government has spent billions of dollars, closed borders, significantly restricted freedoms and spent hours upon hours on TV in an attempt to stop the spread of COVID-19, but let’s not mistake that for a plan. That’s an emergency response.

While countries around the world were caught off guard to varying degrees, Canada’s national security establishment was sounding alarm bells about COVID-19 back in January. Where was the Government’s plan?

Justin Trudeau gets asked every day what his plan is. Some days he says it will take weeks to get back to normal, some days months, some days years…

Well, which one is it?

Moreover, whether it takes weeks, months or years, that is still only a timeline.

A timeline is not a plan.

In order for it to be a plan, the Government needs to explain what they are going to do.

What metrics will be used to determine it is safe to lift restrictions?

How do we get our country back up and running while still ensuring that the most vulnerable in our society are protected?

Justin Trudeau needs to explain to Canadians what he and his government plan to do. So far, he has dodged those questions.

The Government must enact clear processes and procedures to ensure a timely and smooth transition back to everyday life.

Canada’s Conservatives are ready to work with the Government to help create such a plan, but they must be willing to listen and work together.