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Get Ready for a Higher Carbon Tax

[:en]Justin Trudeau pretends he has a plan for the environment and that his Carbon Tax will achieve Canada’s emissions reductions targets under the Paris Accord. But now his own government’s figures confirm that isn’t true.

Last week, the Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO) released a new report that found the Liberal Carbon Tax would need to be increased from the current $20 per tonne to $102 per tonne in order to achieve Canada’s emissions reductions targets. That’s five times more expensive than it is today!

Canadians will have to pay more for groceries, more for home heating, and it would add 23 cents per litre to the cost of gas. This alone will cost the average Canadian family more than $1,000 a year in new taxes.

That is a bitter pill to swallow for already over-taxed Canadian families who are struggling to pay their bills (especially considering the Liberal’s Carbon Tax rebate turned out to be less than they promised).

Justin Trudeau gave Canada’s biggest polluters a Carbon Tax exemption. That means that 92% of the burden of Justin Trudeau’s Carbon Tax will be carried on the tax-weary shoulders of Canadian families and small businesses.

The Trudeau Liberals do not have an environmental plan. They have a revenue plan. One that will make life less affordable for already strapped Canadians.

Under the Trudeau Liberals, Canada is getting further and further away from our Paris targets. In 2016 Canada was 44 megatons of CO2 over its Paris target. In 2017 that number rose to 66 megatons. Last year, it was 103.

Conservatives created the national parks system, negotiated the Canada-US acid rain treaty, and created the Canadian Environmental Protection Act. Canada’s Conservatives will put forward a comprehensive and common-sense environmental plan that builds on our legacy of success—a legacy that stands in sharp contrast to Justin Trudeau’s record of failure.

Canadians recognize that the Liberal Carbon Tax isn’t a plan to lower emissions. It’s just another cash grab.

Canada’s Conservatives, led by Andrew Scheer, will scrap the Carbon Tax, leave more money in Canadians’ pockets, and help them get ahead. [:]