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Green Goes Red

In the latest example of what has become an increasingly tone-deaf summer, the Liberal Government has announced Environment Minister—former radical Greenpeace activist—Steven Guilbeault will be travelling to China to take part in meetings of the China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development (CCICED).

It will come as a shocking revelation to some Canadians that Guilbeault currently serves as vice chair of the organization.

The CCICED is a tool of the Communist Party (CCP) in Beijing, yet there sits Guilbeault as its token second in command.

Canadian leaders should not hold a formal position in any foreign government, and especially not in one that is currently actively interfering in our domestic politics.

Beijing has kidnapped Canadian citizens, banned our world class food exports, operated illegal police stations on our soil, intimidated the Chinese diaspora within Canada, spied on our top-secret national microbiology lab and other critical infrastructure, committed cyber attacks, and interfered in our democracy. Canada should not be legitimizing Communist Party-led organizations much less have a sitting Minister of the Crown taking active part in communist propaganda efforts.

To make matters worse, Minister Guilbeault isn’t showing up empty handed. Instead, he’s going with $16 million Canadian taxpayer dollars to invest in the program.

It is clear that Justin Trudeau didn’t learn his lesson from the hundreds of millions he “invested” in the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (another financial entity established to legitimize China’s control of the region). Now he is doubling down with another financial gift to the Beijing Communist regime—this on top of the millions he inexplicably sends China (the world’s second highest GDP economy) in “foreign aid”.

We all remember Justin Trudeau’s now infamous remark about admiring China’s basic dictatorship. What many put down to naiveté now appears to bely something deeper and uglier.

Whether an ideological fascination or something that makes this PM beholden to China is unclear. Whatever the case, Justin Trudeau clearly has an unhealthy obsession with China. Why else would he consistently act to protect the regime in Beijing rather than protect Canadians from Beijing?

Minister Guilbeault must immediately resign his position on the CCICED and the Canadian Government must end all funding to this and other communist-led organizations.

Moreover, if he, or any Trudeau minister, insists on travelling to Beijing, he should firmly and publicly denounce Beijing’s interference in and hostile actions towards Canada and Canadians. 

It is unlikely he will do either.

He will do the same thing the Liberals do at home. Talk a good game, show up with a big cheque and achieve absolutely zero results.

Instead of supporting organizations run by the Communist Party in Beijing, the Liberals should be focused on ensuring Canada’s clean LNG can help countries dependant on coal to drastically reduce their pollution – including China, the world’s largest emitter.

Justin Trudeau and Steven Guilbeault love to lecture Canadians and the world about the impact of their daily lives on the environment, but as long as “green” outcomes are tied to red (be it Liberal, CCP, or the ever-deepening debt line on Canada’s balance sheet, or all of the above) there will be no measurable results for the environment. Just more money and more control over people’s lives—which is most likely exactly the outcome Beijing desired when they set up the CCICED in the first place.