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Happy New Year!

[:en]Happy New Year, Provencher!
The beauty of a New Year is a fresh start and fresh possibilities. I believe Canadians are coming out of a long cold dark winter. 2023 is here, and I’m optimistic this year will bring signs of Spring—the hope of new growth.

Our Conservative team is focused, energized, united, and ready to take on this Liberal Government.

Our leader Pierre Poilievre, and our party’s message of a government that is on the side of the common people—one that stands up for you, fiscal responsibility, and common-sense governance, is resonating and bringing hope to weary Canadians whom Justin Trudeau has left behind.

I suspect the Government’s Confidence and Supply agreement will likely fall apart this year, meaning the costly coalition’s end. As the Liberals lose their purchased partners in the NDP, we could see an election anytime, and the Conservatives are ready.

It is my hope that 2023 will be the year we finally see a Conservative government in place once again, beginning the long slow process of cleaning up Liberal messes and helping Canadians who have been left behind to finally get ahead of restoring common sense and a government that serves all Canadians.

In the meantime, we’ll continue to hold the government’s feet to the fire and stand up against overreach and reckless Liberal spending.
As your Member of Parliament, my pledge for 2023 remains what it has always been: to serve Provencher. To boldly be a voice for Provencher’s views and values in Ottawa and offer common-sense solutions. To represent you and your family and help build the Canada we all want to see for ourselves and our children.

My office remains open to serve Provencher residents. If you need help with a federal issue (CRA, EI, Immigration, etc.) or would like to ask a question or briefly share your views on a federal issue, please feel free to contact us at 204-326-9889 or by email at You can also follow me on Facebook, Instagram, or my website,