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Inflation the Chief Concern for Parliament this Fall

[:en]This week, Parliament returns for its fall sitting. There is a lot of work to do, and, once again, the Prime Minister is missing in action.
Liberal inflation has food prices at a 40-year high, gas prices remain prohibitive for many, and too many Canadians cannot afford a home. Canadian families are struggling to get by.
Let’s be clear: Justin Trudeau’s disastrous economic policies and reckless spending are driving this inflation. The drastic increase in the cost of living is the direct result of the increased cost of government. The Trudeau Liberals have run unprecedented deficits and printed money to sustain their reckless spending, pushing Canada’s national debt to over $1 trillion.
As such, for this Prime Minister to claim the cost of living is his government’s top concern heading into the fall would be laughable if the situation were not so dire.
Our new leader, the Hon. Pierre Poilievre summed it up well the other day:
“After two years of warnings by the Conservatives, the Trudeau Government still doesn’t have a plan to fix inflation. They’ve proposed legislation that prints more cash, borrows more money, and throws gasoline on the inflationary fire the Prime Minister created.”
Moreover, if the cost of living is truly the Prime Minister’s chief concern, then perhaps he should be in his seat in Parliament, rather than hobnobbing with his cronies at the UN.
Rather than lecture the world about food security in New York, he should be in Parliament, doing something about it. A good first step would be listening to Canadian farmers (the real experts) about how it’s his own policies causing food insecurity at home and abroad.
Moreover, at the UN Monday, our PM, once again, showed his utter lack of self-awareness when he lamented:
“Divides are growing deeper, inequalities are growing wider.”
The sad irony is, in Canada, there are few who bear a greater responsibility for the current state of affairs than Justin Trudeau. Rather than bring people together he has used the power of his office to fan the flames of division. Rather than enact policies that set Canadians up for economic success, his policies have guaranteed failure by hamstringing those struggling to get ahead.
As Parliament resumes, the Liberals are doubling down on their failures. They plan to keep spending and raise taxes even higher for Canadian families.
Conservatives recognize this is unacceptable. That’s why we’ve committed to opposing any new taxes or further tax increases for struggling Canadians.
We’ve also proposed commonsense inflation-fighting policies.
1) Capping government spending with a Pay-As-You-Go law, requiring the government to find a dollar of savings within the government for every dollar of new government spending.
2) Axing the wealth re-distributing Liberal Carbon Tax.
3) Remove red tape and government gatekeepers to allow businesses and workers to produce more affordable energy, food, and housing.
As your MP, I’ll continue to be your commonsense voice in Ottawa; opposing Liberal taxes and government overreach and offering commonsense solutions and policies that will allow Canadian families to eat, heat, and house themselves.