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Jail Not Bail

Violent crime is on the rise at an alarming rate in Canada.

Since Justin Trudeau took office, violent crime has increased by 32%, and many Canadians (particularly those in large urban centres) don’t feel safe walking down the street or taking public transit.

Our communities feel less safe, and the Liberal Government is doing nothing to stop it. In fact, they are making it worse with their weak-on-crime catch and release policies.

This catch and release system puts the public at risk.

Under Justin Trudeau’s woke justice laws, less than half of sentences in Canada result in jail time and violent offenders are thrown back on the street, sometimes in the same hour of their arrest.

In Toronto last year, there were 44 gun murders. 24 of the offenders were out on bail when they committed these murders. Many were well known to police as they were previous violent offenders. 

In Vancouver, the same 40 offenders were arrested 6,000 times in 2022. The same 40 people arrested 6,000 times, in a year! That’s 150 arrests per offender per year. 

Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre summed it up well: “You don’t have a lot of criminals in Canada. It’s a very small number that do the vast majority of crime.”

That’s why Conservatives believe in jail, not bail for repeat violent offenders.

Contrary to what the soft-on-crime crowd say, tougher bail policies would not see more people kept in jail, they would see the right people kept in jail. Individuals who pose a clear threat to Canadians who should not be free to cause more chaos and heartbreak. 

Canadians deserve to feel safe in their communities.

Conservatives will take the common-sense approach of keeping dangerous criminals behind bars, making our streets safer.

A Conservative Government will bring back mandatory jail time for serious violent crimes—laws that were repealed by the Liberals.

We will target criminal gangs and illegal guns rather than targeting law-abiding firearms owners.

We will invest in treatment for those struggling with drug addiction rather than providing them with government-funded drugs.

We will bring in bail rules that will ensure serious, repeat, violent offenders remain behind bars as they await trial.

We will support law enforcement rather than tying their hands.

We will put victims first.

Only a Conservative Government will do what is necessary to keep violent criminals where they belong – behind bars—and keep Canadians safe.