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Liberals lack credibility on foreign interference

In recent weeks, we’ve heard a lot about “foreign interference” in Canada’s elections. Reports have been published, legislation developed, articles written, about how the government—the same government who allowed the problem to metastasize—will stop it from happening in the future.

For years, the Trudeau Government has failed to take foreign interference seriously, allowing Beijing to interfere in our democracy and harass or intimidate our citizens, particularly Chinese Canadians.

The RCMP has now opened up over 100 investigations into foreign interference in Canada, including the targeting of MPs.

There is overwhelming evidence the communist regime in Beijing is actively attempting to meddle in our democracy, that the Trudeau government knew about it, and that they chose to do nothing.

This week, Commissioner Hogue of the Public Inquiry into Foreign Interference confirmed what Conservatives have been saying for years. That foreign interference took place in the 2019 and 2021 elections. The main culprit (though by far not the only one) was the communist regime in Beijing.

To say Beijing has a vested interest in keeping a pro-China leader like Justin Trudeau in power is an understatement. I have detailed in past articles how Justin Trudeau has regularly acted in the interest of Beijing over that of Canadians (cash for access, the NML lab, Chinese police stations, the list goes on and on).

While the Commission has confirmed (and Conservatives agree) Beijing’s interference did not change the overall results of these elections (in terms of the national outcome), in certain ridings, this interference did affect who was defeated and who was elected to Parliament.

The Commission also found that, true to form, Justin Trudeau chose to ignore the many warnings he received about foreign interference, for the sake of his own political fortunes.

That being the case, how can Canadians possibly trust this Liberal Government with “solving” the issue of foreign interference?

They have no credibility when it comes to China or for that matter when it comes to public safety.

Thankfully, when it comes to our elections, domestically, Canada has some of the most secure elections in the world. Overall, I am confident in the integrity of our system. That said, as Canadians absorb the Commission’s results and judge the actions of the Trudeau Government, we must consider Commissioner Hogue’s sobering conclusion that Justin Trudeau’s failures have undermined public confidence in our elections. This is no small issue. Once confidence is lost in democracy, democracy is lost.

Canada needs to address foreign interference, and a Conservative government will work to secure and restore faith in our democracy. We will stand up to hostile foreign regimes like the one in Beijing.

Only a new Conservative Government can be trusted to fix foreign interference and keep Canadians safe.