Liberals prioritize Liberals; Conservatives prioritize Canadians

As Parliament resumes sitting for the first time in 2024, both the Liberal Government and the Opposition Conservatives have outlined four main priorities they plan to focus on.

The Liberals are flailing, desperately trying to find some new message that will resonate with Trudeau-weary Canadians. After eight years of Trudeau, this is a tough task and an even tougher sell.

As such, the Liberals have shown their priorities this session will be focused almost exclusively on self-preservation.

They will prioritize keeping their coalition with the NDP intact, Ukraine, re-branding their increasingly unpopular Carbon Tax, and attempting to divide Canadians (particularly swing voters in eastern Canada) with their false narrative about Pierre Poilievre and Canada’s Conservatives.

None of these will be an easy sell.

The Government will likely focus the early part of this session on trying to hold onto its costly coalition with the NDP. This will become increasingly challenging as the NDP are demanding action on an expensive national pharmacare plan. The Government already missed its original deadline in December. It will be interesting to see if they can slap something together in time for the March extension. If not, it will be even more interesting to see if the NDP have the courage of their convictions—probably not—and pull out of their confidence and supply agreement, making the government vulnerable to collapse.

The Liberals have also indicated they will continue to prioritize Ukraine—though beyond their transparently dishonest claims that Conservatives don’t support Ukraine, exactly what this will look like remains unclear. Conservatives have supported the people of Ukraine all along. What we don’t support is the imposition of carbon taxes into the new trade deal with Ukraine. Moreover, while we agree that we need to help those affected by the war, we also recognize, after eight years of Justin Trudeau, Canada has a limited capacity, both economically and militarily. We must also balance our international obligations with the stark economic realities and struggles faced by too many Canadian families here at home.  

The Liberals also plan to rebrand their carbon tax—about five years too late—to somehow convince Canadians they are indeed “better off” and getting back more money in rebates than they pay in tax—they aren’t (not even close). Justin Trudeau’s Carbon Tax is a failed policy. It inflates the cost of everything (gas, groceries, home heating etc.). The only thing that remains unimpacted by the Carbon Tax is the environment. Justin Trudeau’s Carbon Tax isn’t an environmental plan, it’s a tax plan. No rebrand is going to fool Canadians into suddenly thinking it’s great. 

In short, the Liberals are really focused on one priority: self-preservation.

As the Liberals continue to use fear and division, Conservatives are offering a message of hope.

Unlike Justin Trudeau, Conservatives, are focused on Canadians.

We will spend this session laser-focused on your priorities.

We are committed to axing the Liberal Carbon Tax—period. 

We are focused on getting government spending under control, stopping Justin Trudeau’s reckless taxing and money printing to get inflation under control to make life more affordable for Canadian families.

We are focused on making housing available and affordable; getting houses built by removing the government gatekeepers and selling off 6,000 government buildings and federal land to build on.

We are focused on jail not bail so violent repeat offenders cannot continue to terrorize our communities. We will repeal Justin Trudeau’s weak-on-crime laws that see these violent criminals get back on the streets within hours of their arrest.

These are our priorities because, based on the conversations we are having with people across the country, we believe these best represent the priorities of Canadians.          As MP for Provencher, I will continue to be your commonsense voice in Ottawa and stand up for your family and your priorities in Canada’s Parliament.