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Liberals Soft on Terrorism

[:en]A high-profile Canadian member of ISIS has been arrested by Syrian forces while attempting to return to Canada.

Mohammed Ali left Canada to join ISIS in 2014. Aside from serving as a sniper, he also engaged in propaganda, using social media to encourage others to join ISIS and conduct terrorist attacks.

Syrian forces want to hand Ali, and a dozen other ISIS fighters who hold Canadian citizenship, over to the RCMP. However, the Government says there is no guarantee that the ISIS fighters would face arrest upon their return.

Unbelievable as it may seem, the Liberal Government has been actively reaching out to imprisoned terror suspects in Syria about coming back to Canada.

The parents of ISIS member “Jihadi Jack” Letts, a dual U.K.-Canadian citizen, have also been lobbying the Government to allow him to come to Canada. Despite the fact that Letts and his parents are all facing serious terror related charges in the U.K. it appears that the Liberals are considering allowing him to come to Canada as well.

It was also Justin Trudeau and the Liberals who apologized to convicted Al Qaeda terrorist Omar Khadr—and paid him $10.5 million of your tax dollars.

These instances are just the latest in the Trudeau Liberals’ disturbing track record of being soft on terrorism.

Our former Conservative Government passed a law to strip terrorists of their Canadian citizenship. However, Justin Trudeau and his Liberals repealed that law.

Recently, the Liberal Government also brought forward Bill C-75, which reduces the penalties for serious crimes such as; participation in a terrorist group; leaving Canada to participate in a terrorist group; and advocating or promoting commission of a terrorism offence. Under the new legislation, judges would now have the ability to impose reduced sentences for these crimes – from jail time down to a simple fine.

Conservatives believe that any individual who took up arms against Canada and our allies by joining ISIS should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Conservatives have given the Liberals the tools they need to hold ISIS terrorists accountable, and to protect Canadians. It is shameful that in case after case they are unwilling to use them.

The security of Canadians is Andrew Scheer’s top priority. Conservatives will continue to hold Justin Trudeau and his Liberals accountable and will focus on ensuring that Canadians are protected from those who would do us harm.[:]