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MP Ted Falk Urges Parliamentarians to Pass the Fairness in Charitable Gifts Act.

PMB Fairness podium sign 2June 7, 2016 – Ottawa, ON – Tomorrow, Members of Parliament will vote on MP Ted Falk’s Private Members Bill C-239 – The Fairness in Charitable Gifts Act.

Following is a statement from MP Falk on the upcoming vote.

“Currently, federal tax credits for political contributions far exceed the federal tax credits for donations to registered charities in Canada.

The Fairness in Charitable Gifts Act will level the playing field between donations to political parties and donations to registered charitable organizations. Feeding politicians should never be more important than feeding the hungry.

Government services provide much needed help to Canadians who are struggling, but government cannot do it all.

Government has never done it all. There are gaps in our system, and with demographic changes ahead, there will be even larger gaps in the future. Charities can help fill those gaps.

Canadians on average are getting older and are living longer. An aging population will require a large influx of taxpayer dollars in order to continue funding programs at current levels. Healthcare costs and services for seniors, to name just two, will continue to rise.

Canadians do not want to see services cut and that’s why Parliament must study all options available to avoid a funding crisis to important social services.

With Bill C-239, charitable organizations will be empowered to take on a greater role as a result of the additional donations generated from the new tax incentives.

Charities leverage millions of volunteers across the country, something that governments just can’t do.

I am asking Parliament to study this bill in committee to discover whether charities can indeed play an increasing role in delivering social services to Canadians in the future. A stronger charitable sector could indeed result in a stronger Canada overall. Let’s get to work, study this bill properly, and find out.

Given the fact that federal tax credits for political contributions far exceed the federal tax credits for donations to registered charities in Canada, I am encouraging my fellow Members of Parliament to answer the following questions before the vote tomorrow:

Question:  Do you believe that politicians should continue to have an advantage over registered charities when it comes to fundraising and tax credits?

Question:  Will you vote in favour of Bill C-239 to correct this inequity and level the playing field between charitable donations and political donations?

Question for the party leaders: Will you allow a free vote on Bill C-239?”

Ted Falk Member of Parliament for Provencher  

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