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Mr. Trudeau, You’re Not an American

[:en]One would think Justin Trudeau’s long line of gaffes on the world stage would make him hesitant to leave the country. Instead, he continues to ignore numerous pressing domestic concerns in favour of those of other nations.
To be clear, I am not advocating isolationism, nor am I criticizing Canada’s role in Ukraine—though one does question the rationale of our Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister/Finance Minister, and Foreign Affairs Minister travelling to a warzone for what was little more than a glorified photo-op. Canada has a role to play on the world stage, but virtue signaler in chief is not it
I am referring more to this Prime Minister’s apparent obsession with what is taking place south of our border, and his consistent attempts to import divisive issues indigenous to the United States into Canada.
This began in 2017 when Mr. Trudeau reacted to the (then) Trump administration’s immigration policies on Twitter:
“To those fleeing persecution, terror & war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith. Diversity is our strength #WelcomeToCanada.”
A lovely sentiment but a careless one, given that it prompted tens of thousands of illegal migrants to make a beeline for the Canadian border. With one reckless tweet, Justin Trudeau single-handedly imported the problem of illegal immigration into Canada.
We have seen similar moves by this Prime Minister on race, gender, and guns.
Most recently, when a US Supreme Court document was leaked indicating a potential overturning of the landmark abortion law Roe vs Wade, Mr. Trudeau, again, inserted himself in the middle of the fray.
Within 48 hours Mr. Trudeau—cheerleader in chief of this reprehensible practice—indicated Americans would be welcome to come to Canada to have abortions here.
My disgust at that invitation aside, the Prime Minister simply has no business commenting on this. It would be inappropriate for him to comment on a case before the courts in Canada. It is completely inappropriate for him to wade in on an issue before the courts of another country.
It’s not Justin Trudeau’s job to offer commentary on US affairs, interfere in US politics, or run inference for his “progressive” allies south of the border. His job is to lead OUR country—a job at which he has failed spectacularly.
Perhaps, that’s why Mr. Trudeau seems to keep his focus elsewhere; to avoid the reality of his own disastrous stewardship of Canada.
Canadians are paying record-high prices for gas, groceries, and housing. Canadians are struggling to pay their bills. Canadians are more divided than at any other time in my lifetime, and it all rests solely on the shoulders of this Prime Minister.
It is the policies of this Liberal government that are driving inflation. It is Liberal policies that have made homeownership the impossible dream for a generation of Canadians. It is Justin Trudeau’s policies and rhetoric—chief among them his use of imported issues from south of the border to drive wedges between Canadians—that is driving the deep divisions in our country.
Canadians need a leader who is focused on the issues affecting their families.
A leader who will address inflation.
A leader who unites rather than divides.
A leader who is focused on Canadians, rather than himself.