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NDP Confidence Scam

Last week, opposition MPs from every party (except the governing Liberals) united to support an NDP motion calling for the removal of David Johnston as special “rapporteur” as he lacked the confidence and trust of the House of Commons.  

Mr. Johnston’s response that he didn’t work for parliament but for the government (i.e., Justin Trudeau) exemplifies why he must step down.

While I have respect for Mr. Johnston’s service to Canada, he is clearly in a conflict of interest.

A vote in the House of Commons stating the people’s elected representatives do not have confidence in one’s ability to do a job objectively should be enough for anyone to step down. Mr. Johnston’s refusal to do so only exacerbates the perception he is not working for the people but exclusively in the interests of Justin Trudeau. Given his many years of service to Canada, Mr. Johnston deserves a far better legacy than to be tarnished by this embattled Prime Minster.

While Conservatives supported this motion, the irony that it should come from the NDP is rich, given it is Jagmeet Singh and the NDP who have helped the Prime Minister cover up his many scandals and failures.

Case and point: Mr. Singh’s party brought forward a motion stating the House’s lack of confidence in Mr. Johnston. However, any basic logic—a largely foreign concept to todays’ out of touch NDP—would dictate if one has lost confidence in the representative does that not also clearly assume a lack in confidence in the person who appointed that representative?

How can the NDP claim they have no confidence in the PM’s handpicked “rapporteur” and demand his resignation while in the same breath refusing to do the same for the Prime Minister who appointed him and continues to express his confidence in him?

Mr. Trudeau was clear, whatever Mr. Johnston recommended would dictate his government’s course of action. Since the release of Mr. Johnston’s report, Mr. Trudeau has followed through on that commitment.

A majority in the House of Commons rejected Mr. Johnston’s recommendations. Parliamentarians agreed they were not only insufficient but very likely biased. This rejection of Mr. Johnston (and by extension Mr. Trudeau) by Parliament shows a clear lack of confidence in the PM. As such, it is only right that either he calls an election or opposition parties unite to bring down the government and give Canadians (72% of whom want an independent public inquiry) the opportunity to have their voices heard on whether or not this Prime Minister (and process) have their trust.

By refusing to bring down the government, the NDP is choosing to back this scandal ridden government they know has failed (or worse) rather than allow Canadians the opportunity to have their voices heard and choose an alternative.

In the same way Mr. Johnston appears to have a conflict of interesting this matter, the NDP has a bigger one.

In the same way Mr. Johnston’s long and well documented history with Mr. Trudeau and the Trudeau foundation cast doubt on his credibility and objectivity in this matter, Jagmeet Singh and the NDP are a much more appalling example of the fox guarding the chicken coop. How can you claim to be a member of the opposition standing up for Canadians, for the truth, when you’re collaborating with the Prime Minister? When you have and are inexplicably remaining loyal to a contract to back him in confidence matters?  

This hypocrisy is just further evidence the NDP has sold out their voters and, like the Liberals, are acting solely in their own political self-interest. 

Canadians are not fooled by NDP hypocrisy. Canadians will hold the NDP responsible for their confidence scam, and that day can’t come soon enough.    

Canada’s Conservatives will continue to push for an independent national inquiry in this matter and continue to shine the light on this government’s myriad of scandals and failures.