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New Year, Same Old Liberals

A new year is an opportunity for a fresh start. A chance to take stock of one’s life, set new goals, and—if one is willing and self-disciplined—make changes for the better.

Sadly, for Canadians, 2024 has started with more of the same scandals and lies from this tired Liberal Government.

The Media reported that the Minister of Finance and Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland—who recently bragged about how she did not own a car and walked, biked, or took the subway to help “fight climate change”—has racked up thousands of dollars in limo and car service bills—this on top of the thousands of dollars for her own government-issued car. To top it off, Minister Freeland was pulled over and ticketed last summer for driving a rental car at 132 km per hour.

It seems Freeland is as reckless when it comes to cars—and the truth—as the Prime Minster is when it comes to vacations—and the truth.

Where they are equally reckless is when it comes to spending Canadians’ money.

Freeland’s tenure as Finance Minister has been a disaster for Canada.

Under her watch Canada’s national debt has doubled—rising by half a trillion dollars—to roughly $1.2 trillion.

Her condescending manner has grated on Canadian families rocked by inflation and the cost-of-living crisis she and Trudeau have created together.

While cancelling her Disney Plus “out of solidarity” may seem a great sacrifice to the minister, it pales in comparison with parents who are going hungry so their kids can eat. 

In her 2022 Fall Economic Update, Freeland assured Canadians they see would see a balanced budget in 2027 (with a projected surplus of $4.5 billion)—a promise she broke in last year’s budget, abandoning any mention of a return to balance and adding an additional $43 billion in new deficit spending.

Apparently, she has bought into her boss’s mis-guided thinking, that budgets balance themselves.

It should also be noted that under this duo, tens of billions of taxpayer dollars have found their way into the pockets of Liberal insiders and hundreds of billions remain unaccounted for.

It may be a new year but it’s the same old Liberals.

Canadians deserve better.

Canadians deserve a government who respects them, tells them the truth, and takes care to ensure their hard-earned money isn’t wasted on vanity projects or winding up in the pockets of Liberal insiders.

Canadians can’t afford four more years of Justin Trudeau.

They can’t afford four more years of Chrystia Freeland.

Canada’s Conservatives understand the difficulties that eight long years of Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland have caused.

Our New Year’s resolution is the same one we’ve had for eight years: to oppose bad Liberal legislation and reckless spending, and do everything in our power to bring down this corrupt and costly government.