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Parliament Begins Debate on Federal Budget

[:en] On April 7th, the Liberal/NDP Government presented its 2022 federal budget.
Parliament has been in recess for the past two weeks. MPs have been studying the 280-page document. As Parliament resumes this week, MPs will have an opportunity to share their thoughts and ask questions about the government’s plans.
There are lots of questions.
Although lengthy in page count and heavy on Liberal buzzwords and slogans, the document is light on details—and even lighter on relief for Canadians struggling to pay their bills.
Rampant inflation (currently at 6.7%) is hitting Canadian families hard. It is also hitting our seniors (and others on fixed incomes) hard. Canadians were hoping this budget would offer some relief. Instead, they got buzzwords and an additional $56 billion in new deficit spending.
The Liberals have already spent some $600 billion in deficit spending, pushing our national debt to $1.2 trillion. Doing so has led to inflation: more dollars chasing fewer goods. This, in conjunction with the ever-increasing Liberal Carbon Tax, has only served to make the cost of essential items like food and gas more expensive.
This budget fails to offer any meaningful measures to deal with inflation.
While I am pleased to see the government focus on the issue of housing, the sad reality is that the Liberal’s previous focus and investments in housing has seen the price of housing skyrocket.
This and numerous similar examples beg the question: Why is it that Canadians end up worse off every time this Liberal Government spends money?
Moreover, despite all this spending, many vital Canadian institutions remain significantly underfunded.
COVID-19 showed us just how fragile our public health care system is. Opposition parties were united in their call to increase healthcare transfers to the provinces—something provincial governments were begging for long before the coronavirus hit two years ago. The Liberals ignored this plea.
The war in Ukraine showed just how unprepared and underfunded western militaries are including Canada. The Liberals pledged $8 billion in new defense spending, but that still falls far short of what is needed to reach our NATO commitment of 2% of GDP. Moreover, the government’s failure to procure new fighter jets and shore up our Arctic presence and defenses leave Canada’s north vulnerable to the Russians who are and have been active in the Arctic for many years.
Despite a drought last year, the budget offered nothing to help farmers. It also does nothing to address the serious supply chain issues facing all Canadians including here in Provencher.
Unlike the Liberals and NDP, Conservatives understand that debt needs to be paid back. Only Conservatives recognize the need for a plan to return to balanced budgets. Conservatives want to see a real plan for growth, not just throwing more money at failed Liberal initiatives. Investments should be based on outcomes, not ideology, and they should have clear metrics attached to ensure Canadians are getting the best bang for their buck.
We believe it is possible for Canadians to get ahead and not just get by, and that starts with leaving more money in your pockets.
Conservatives recognize that Canadians cannot afford more Liberal financial failures. We will continue to be the voice of everyday Canadians who are crying out for relief, advocating a return to fiscal responsibility and common-sense policies.