RCMP documents show Trudeau blocked their investigation into his SNC Lavalin involvement

While it is a challenge to keep track of all of Justin Trudeau’s scandals in office, most Canadians will remember the SNC Lavalin affair—where the Prime Minister and his team pressured the (then) Attorney General to illegally interfere in an ongoing criminal prosecution.

At the time, Conservatives made a formal request to the RCMP to investigate the matter. After all, the Prime Minister and his staff are not above the law. Surprisingly, nothing ever came of the investigation.

Now we know why.   

Recently released documents reveal the RCMP were forced to drop their inquiry into the PM’s alleged role because the Trudeau Government refused to release potential evidence to the police.

Let me say that again: the police, in official investigation of an alleged crime, asked the Prime Minister of Canada to release documents that constituted potential evidence of said crime, and he refused.

Essentially, the RCMP—under the leadership of (then) rookie Commissioner Brenda Lucki—allowed themselves to be blocked by the PM and relied on what had already been publicly disclosed to the media—what every Canadian already had access to (and what most deemed more than sufficient evidence of his wrongdoing).

It is alarming, albeit unsurprising, the level to which this Liberal Government has gone to cover up for this Prime Minister.

After all, this is the same government that sued their own Speaker to cover up for Chinese spies in our National Microbiology Lab.

The same government who are now under criminal investigation for fraud in relation to the ArriveCan app.

The same government that has yet to account for tens of billions in so-called “COVID-19 spending”—much of which has ended up lining the pockets of Liberal insiders.

The same government who tried to hand their pals at We Charity a nearly one-billion-dollar sole-source contract, after they paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to the PM’s family.

Whether it’s his lavish vacations, his conflicts of interest, or his divisive rhetoric, Liberal MPs (and those in the media) continue to bend over backwards to stonewall, mislead, and protect this Prime Minister.

It’s a disgrace. 

All Canadians are equal before the law—including the Prime Minister. Sadly, in Justin Trudeau’s Canada, more and more there seems to be one law for Prime Minister Trudeau and another for everyone else.

Only Conservatives are standing up for Canadians.

Only Conservatives are seeking answers to these important questions.

The Liberal promised openness, transparency, and accountability but they have failed to deliver. In fact, the longer they remain in power, the more secretive and dictatorial they become. Put another way, Justin is clearly just in it for himself.

Canadians have a right to know what happened to their money, and they have a right to know if their leaders broke the law.

Conservatives will continue to seek the answers Canadians deserve.