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Rearranging the Deck Chairs on the Titanic

As the Titanic slowly sank beneath the icy waters of the north Atlantic, the band continued to play on deck.

Trudeau’s cabinet shuffle last week was akin to rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic; to continuing to play music like nothing was wrong, to distract from the reality that the magnificent ship was sinking.

Like the Titanic tragedy, Justin Trudeau has exemplified arrogance, ignored common sense, and refused to heed the warnings of the dangers posed by his chosen course.

As a result of his own ego, Justin Trudeau’s record is one of scandal and failure, and he is shuffling nearly his entire cabinet in a desperate attempt to distract from all that he has broken.

However, rather than signal a change in policy that might bring some relief to Canadians, Justin Trudeau has doubled down on the same approach, the same failed policies, and the same incompetent crew who got us into this mess in the first place.

First Mate Chrystia Freeland will continue her reign as Queen of inflation at Finance. Leaving the increasingly out of touch Freeland in the finance role is the clearest indication this Prime Minister has no intention of changing course, offering no solutions to the debt and cost-of-living crisis he and Freeland have created.

Radical Green Peace activist Steven Guilbeault will continue to make life less affordable for Canadians (especially rural Canadians) as minster of ever-increasing carbon taxes in the Environment and Climate Change portfolio.

In Public Safety, there may be a new name on the door—the PM having finally fired the scandal-plagued Marco Mendicino—but Paul Bernardo still isn’t back in maximum security prison, China continues to operate on our soil, and crime is still on the rise—up 39% under Trudeau. The Liberals remain focussed on their backwards efforts to take hunting rifles from farmers while implementing soft-on-crime policies for dangerous violent offenders.

There may be a new Justice Minister, but the Liberal’s catch-and-release justice system is still letting repeat violent offenders back on the streets—sometimes within mere hours of being arrested. We need jail, not bail for repeat violent offenders and serious time behind bars for those committing the most serious crimes.

In Mental Health and Addictions, the minister has changed, but the Liberal policy of spending hundreds of millions of dollars on taxpayer funded dangerous drugs hasn’t. We don’t need more drugs and disorder under a new minister. We need real change; to expand access to treatment and recovery services so we can bring our loved ones home drug free.

The list goes on.

Trudeau and his loyal ministers (old and new) have no plan to make life more affordable or safe for struggling Canadians. They have all mindlessly supported the PM’s disastrous policies and they will continue to do so.

Justin Trudeau’s bloated cabinet—larger than any other in the democratic world—is not a serious decision-making body. It is a virtue signalling (and politically expedient) optical illusion, playing off the vanity of MP’s who will mindlessly rubber stamp the policies coming out of the PMO in exchange for a title and position.

Justin Trudeau is still the captain of the ship, and the course is his alone. He picks the music, and he will continue to conduct the band.  

With this latest cabinet shuffle, Justin Trudeau may have re-arranged the deck chairs, but the ship is still sinking.

The reality is Canadians don’t just need a new cabinet; they need a new government.

The minister that really needs to be shuffled out is Justin Trudeau.