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Reason for Optimism in 2024

Happy New Year!

Looking back at the political events that unfolded in 2023, like the increased inflationary spending, record-high housing and rent, and the increased Carbon Tax, unfortunately, Justin Trudeau’s NDP/Liberal government does not give Canadians much optimism for this upcoming year.  Still, I believe there is reason for optimism in 2024. Conservatives are resolute in our actions and will continue demonstrating to this out-of-touch government the need for accountability and transparency. As we navigate this complex political landscape, we can celebrate the positive strides made by Conservatives dedicated to defending the interests of Canadians.

One notable victory involves pressuring the Liberals to re-evaluate their punishing Carbon Tax. Conservatives’ successful effort led Prime Minister Trudeau to temporarily pause the tax applied to home heating oil for the Maritimes until after the upcoming election. This move relieves those households– thanks also to grassroots advocacy!  Conservatives will continue to fight for a pause on the Carbon Tax for home heating for all of Canada.

Transparency remains a key pillar of democracy in Canada, and Conservatives have worked tirelessly to provide Canadians with the information they deserve. For example, Conservative pressures regarding the investigation into the $54 million “ArriveScam” app by the RCMP sheds light on potential irregularities in the use of public funds by this NDP/Liberal government.

Moreover, Conservatives have called on the Prime Minister to disclose the terms of multi-billion-dollar contracts signed with major corporations to use foreign workers over domestic job creation. 

As the Official Opposition, we have the responsibility to oppose what does not serve Canadians well. We also can individually sometimes have the opportunity to propose private member bills that serve the greater good of Canadians. For example, in the realm of public safety, there is a Conservative Bill to amend the criminal code to protect rural Canadians and farm families from crime.

The exposure of corruption and a government cover-up at Trudeau’s $1 billion green slush fund, resulting in ethics investigations and an Auditor General inquiry, showcases the Conservative’s commitment to upholding ethical standards and accountability.

The passage of a motion to include people with disabilities in education, both at home and internationally, demonstrates a commitment to and equal opportunities.

As I reflect on these Conservative accomplishments, it becomes evident that, even in challenging times, Conservatives are working to ensure accountability, transparency, and the well-being of all Canadians. These efforts serve as a beacon of hope and a reminder that democratic values and the values of Canadians remain at the forefront of the Conservative Common-Sense approach.