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Record High Gas Prices

[:en]Gas prices in Canada have jumped to an all-time high.

The ongoing situation in Ukraine is obviously one factor, but far from the only one.

Russia is one of the world’s largest suppliers of oil and gas and produces about five million barrels per day. It is likely that in the coming days we will see sanctions against Russian energy products—products previously exempted from sanctions. World markets are anxious, should that supply suddenly become unavailable.

Canada is part of the world market and, thus, not exempt from these sorts of fluctuations. However, given our ability to produce oil domestically, this should be only a minor blip for Canadian drivers. Instead, we have record high gas prices.

This is what happens when a government chooses to ignore the reality of global threats and elevate ideology over commonsense governance.

From day one Justin Trudeau and the Liberals have done everything in their power to shut down Canada’s energy sector.

The Liberal Government’s decision to choke off domestic production of oil and gas forced our dependence on international sources—many of them countries with highly dubious environmental and human rights records (like Saudi Arabia, Venezuela… and Russia).

Hard to believe but Canada still imports more than half a billion dollars’ worth of energy products, annually, from Russia.

Why import energy products from Russia? Because we still need oil and petroleum-based products.

Of course, we all want a greener, more sustainable future, but that kind of change doesn’t happen overnight. As one of my staff quipped the other day:

“Show me an electric vehicle that can fit a family of seven and handle a Manitoba winter for under $30,000, I’ll make the change today.”

It’s just not reality. Not yet. In the meantime, we still need oil.

Unfortunately, Canadians will continue to pay record high gas prices because this government’s policies will continue to cause record inflation.

This government will continue to buy oil and other energy products at inflated prices on the international market because they have refused to build pipelines at home—and added layers of red tape to make doing so next to impossible.

To make matters worse, rather than finding ways to get Canadian resources flowing to make life more affordable for families, the Liberals are about to whack Canadians with another increase in their Carbon Tax.

The Liberal Carbon Tax is a tax on everything, groceries, home heating, and, of course, at the gas pump. As of April 1st, Canadians will pay 11 cents per liter in Carbon Tax. With Carbon Tax, GST, PST and the existing Federal Excise Tax, Canadians are paying more than thirty cents in taxes per liter for gas.

Bad policy making, supply chain issues, the war, dwindling domestic production, ever increasing taxation…It all adds up to inflation: more dollars chasing fewer goods.

It all adds up to the failed leadership of Justin Trudeau.

Given that 53% of Canadians are already at the point where they cannot pay their bills and service their debt, further inflation (and a further increase in gas prices from Justin Trudeau’s Carbon Tax) has the potential to push thousands of Canadian families over the edge.

Conservatives understand the kitchen table issues facing Canadians.

The Liberals want to keep sending hundreds of millions of your tax dollars to buy energy products from Russia. Conservatives want to invest that money here in Canada so we can have energy security and insulate
Canadian families against inflation.

Canada has the ability to be energy independent. We should do it, today.