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Statement from MP Ted Falk

[:en]Recently a female CBSA agent was assaulted by a male asylum seeker at the Emerson border crossing. Thankfully, she was not seriously injured. Police officers and border agents understand that the nature of their work can put them in harm’s way but this incident could have been avoided had Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Government been doing their job; protecting Canada’s border and by extension CBSA personnel.

The Trudeau government has also placed a gag order on the CBSA and RCMP. Those agencies have been forbidden from reporting the number of illegal migrants coming across our border, as well as from providing any details about who they are and how they are being dealt with. It is outrageous that local officials, media and even Members of Parliament are being refused basic information from the government. The only conclusion one can draw is that–yet again–Justin Trudeau has something to hide. Over the weekend we found out what it was.

On Thursday, the union representing border agents released a public statement telling Canadians what the Trudeau government isn’t: that 50% of those crossing into Canada illegally have serious criminal records.

CBSA is now saying that those numbers from the union are not accurate. If that’s the case, why won’t Prime Minister Trudeau tell us what the real numbers are. What is he hiding?

CBSA and RCMP officers who are charged with enforcing the law are being undermined—and in some cases put at unnecessary risk–by the Prime Minister himself. I have questioned Justin Trudeau in the House of Commons about his reckless tweets: welcoming one and all to Canada regardless of who they are, where they come from and apparently (due to his inaction) how they get here. In doing so the Prime Minister is exacerbating an already dangerous situation. He is abdicating his duty to Canadians by refusing to acknowledge, let alone deal with, the problem of illegal migration. His recent tweets only serve to encourage it. This gag order is further proof that Justin Trudeau is not being honest with Canadians.

I call yet again on the Prime Minister to take action to protect the sovereignty of our border. I also call on the Prime Minister to lift this gag order, to be open and transparent and tell Canadians the truth about what’s happening at our border–and what, if anything, he plans to do about it.