Trudeau Grounded as Conservatives Soar

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to attend our party’s policy convention in Quebec City. It was very exciting to see Conservatives from across the country come together to debate and vote on policies that will help lift Canada out of the mess created by Justin Trudeau and the Liberals.

Over the three-day event, delegates approved 30 policies that will guide a future Conservative Government.

Conservatives passed policy resolutions on protecting Canada and Canadians by taking a tougher stand on China, protecting free speech, Arctic sovereignty, and taking measures to guard against foreign interference.

We also took strong stands on several important and pressing social issues including rejecting mandatory vaccinations, tougher penalties for pedophiles, and supporting merit-based hiring.

All of this on top of our commitment to lower the cost of living by scrapping the Liberal Carbon Tax and getting inflation under control with a new dollar for dollar rule for government.

Conservatives also have a plan to improve access to affordable housing by selling off surplus federal land and buildings, withholding federal funds from municipalities that don’t issue housing permits, and a building bonus for those that do.  

Conservatives are listening to Canadians. We understand the cost of living is the number one issue facing Canadians and we are focused on delivering relief. We will fix what Justin Trudeau and the Liberals have broken.

With a focus on commonsense policies like these, over the past few weeks, Conservatives have surged in the polls, and now hold a 14-point lead over the Liberals, with Pierre Poilievre now viewed as the preferred prime minster by a majority of Canadians. 

As Conservatives are soaring, Justin Trudeau is struggling to get off the ground—metaphorically and literally.

This has been a brutal summer for Justin Trudeau—you know it’s bad when even the media start criticizing him. His Liberal Government has failed to address cost of living or housing. They have failed to address rising crime and they have lost the confidence of Canadians. Even Liberals are starting to grumble that it’s time for JT to step down.

Now, in the PM’s latest embarrassing foreign travel incident, after a fruitless G-20, the PM’s plane broke down, leaving him stranded in India. As of the time of this writing, the PM remains stuck in India waiting for another plane—perhaps he can get some dancing in.

As MP’s return to the House of Commons next week for the fall sitting of Parliament, Canadians will see a clear choice between a government that’s out of ideas and focused on themselves vs a government in waiting that’s energized, united, and focused on fighting for Canadian families.