Trudeau sells out Canadians to Separatists to Save Carbon Tax

Canadians across the country, including provincial premiers of all political stripes, were outraged by the Prime Minister’s partisan games to remove his Carbon Tax from heating oil for Atlantic Canadians who traditionally vote Liberal—but who are currently trending away from him towards the Conservatives.

Despite being called out from all quarters on this shameless, self-serving policy, the Prime Minister has since doubled down and refused to exempt other forms of home heating from his Carbon Tax.

On Monday, Canada’s Conservatives put forward a commonsense compromise. Pause the Carbon Tax on all forms of home heating for all Canadians until after the next election. Then make it a Carbon Tax Election so Canadians could choose between the Prime Minster’s plan to quadruple his Carbon Tax, or our commonsense plan to axe the tax.

Given the struggles Canadians are facing, we made this matter a confidence motion. In other words, had he lost the vote, the PM would no longer have the confidence of the House of Commons to govern prompting an almost certain election.

I, like most Canadians, assumed the Government would (once again) buy off their costly coalition partners, the NDP. Instead, in a rare (albeit short-lived) display of commonsense, the NDP agreed to join us in calling for a Carbon Tax pause for all home heating.

That left the separatist Bloc Quebecois, who sold out Quebecers (and by extension all Canadians), allowing themselves to be bought off by the Liberal Government, voting for the Prime Minister and his Carbon Tax, robbing Canadians of having their say and the opportunity to elect a new commonsense Conservative Government.

To make matters worse, the NDP have since done another flip flop and are now, once again, supporting the Carbon Tax.

In short, cash-strapped Canadians must now contend with not one but two costly coalitions. 

It is shameful, the lengths to which these Liberals will go to protect their flagship policy.

Justin Trudeau is clearly terrified of a Carbon Tax election.

It does not seem to matter to the Prime Minster that, despite his beloved Carbon Taxes, his government has yet to meet a single one of their emissions targets.

It does not seem to matter to him that his promises of more in rebates than what families are paying in the tax has been proven demonstrably false. (So has his claim that the tax is revenue neutral.)

It does not matter to him that Canadians cannot afford to eat, heat, or house themselves because of his government’s failed policies.   

It doesn’t seem to matter to the NDP or Bloc Quebecois either.

It is hard to know which is more of a slap in the face to Canadians: that this government is showing such an obvious disregard for the will of Canadians, their clear favoritism to a region that traditionally votes Liberal, or that they would join forces with the Bloc separatists to save their own skins and to keep Canadians from having their say in a Carbon Tax election. 

Now we have two so-called “opposition” parties committed to keeping the PM in power for another two years. 

Now Canadians must contend with the socialists, the separatists, and this Prime Minster who are just not worth the cost.  

Only the Conservative Party of Canada has been consistent on this issue.

We have said from day one this is not an environmental plan, it’s a tax plan. It makes government richer and Canadians poorer.

Only Conservatives are committed to axing the tax and making life more affordable for Canadians.

We will continue to fight increases to the Liberal-NDP-Bloc Carbon Tax.

Only Conservatives will stand up for your family against this costly Carbon Tax Coalition.