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Trudeau’s out of touch and Canadians are out of money

[:en]“We have cut taxes and made them [Canadians] better off.”
These were the (frankly astounding) words of Finance Minister/Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland.
If the Liberal Government were to look up from their tired talking points and ask Canadians the question Ronald Reagan famously asked Americans in 1980 when he was running for President, “Are you better off than you were four years ago”, few would answer in the affirmative.
Numerous surveys show that food bank usage has tripled and some 20% of Canadians are skipping meals to cut down on food costs and feed their kids.
Food prices have increased at the fastest rate since 1981 when Trudeau senior was Prime Minister (hardly a coincidence).
Gas prices have skyrocketed, as has the cost of home heating.
Conservatives left the Liberals a balanced budget. In seven short years, they have recklessly borrowed, printed, and spent more than every other government in Canadian history combined.
The Liberals claim they needed to spend all that money to “fight COVID-19”, but the latest Parliamentary Budget Office report shows (at least) 40% of the money they spent—some $200 billion—went to discretionary and boutique spending (things other than COVID). Millions were wasted ($54 million on the ArriveCan app that could have been developed for some $250,000 is just one of many sad examples) and millions more ended up in the pockets of Liberal cronies (SNC Lavalin, WE Charity, Frank Baylis, etc.).
Add to that the numerous tax increases to individuals and businesses, most notably the inflation-driving Carbon Tax, it’s no wonder Canadians have seen their buying power plummet.
The result is, Canadians can’t afford groceries. Canadians can’t afford to fill their cars with gas, and, with winter looming, many are fearful about their ability to heat their homes.
And what is the Liberal Government’s response to Canadians?
“We have made them better off.”
Now the Liberals are proposing even more taxes.
They plan to increase the Carbon Tax. They plan to raise EI and CPP premiums. New proposed environmental standards will add (on average) an additional $1,200 per year to the gas costs of Canadians. And don’t think for a minute they’ve given up on their plans to tax the equity on your home.
This out-of-touch government needs to understand that Canadians are out of money, and it’s their own bad policies that have driven so many to the brink.
It must be hard for the PM to identify with a mom and dad skipping meals to feed their kids when he’s spending in a single month what most Canadians spend in a year for groceries—all paid for by those same moms and dads.
It must be hard to identify with families who fear losing their home when you’re snug in a $ 7,000-a-night hotel room—again, paid for by the taxpayers.
Canadians don’t begrudge the Prime Minster for the reality that travel (and certain other aspects of life) costs more when you’re a world leader—though not that much more. It’s the callous, dismissive, elitist, and utterly out-of-touch manner in which this Prime Minister (and so many in his orbit) conduct themselves.
Conservatives: People are struggling to put food on the table.
Liberals: Daycare will be more affordable (at some point).
Conservatives: 30-year-olds are still living with their parents because they can’t afford to buy a home.
Liberals: We’re giving $500 to help first-time home buyers.
Conservatives: Gas prices are skyrocketing.
Liberals: Anyone who’s not on board with higher gas prices loves pollution and doesn’t care about the environment.
If you think I’m exaggerating or oversimplifying, try listening to Question Period one day. That’s what you’ll hear: Conservatives advocating for Canadian families and Liberals congratulating themselves, indignant that Canadians aren’t lined up around the block to thank them for making them “better off”.
Unlike the Liberal Government, Conservatives are actually listening to Canadians.
Conservatives recognize that the Liberals are out of touch and Canadians are out of money.
That’s why we’ve proposed commonsense policies like scrapping the Liberal Carbon Tax, temporarily removing GST from fuel, and implementing a dollar-for-dollar plan to get government spending under control.
Conservatives will continue to advocate for Canadian families and continue the fight to make life more affordable.