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Voting through the night to Axe the Tax

Last week, our leader, Pierre Poilievre vowed the Liberals “will have no rest until the Carbon Tax is gone.”

On Thursday of last week, Conservatives put forward a motion to remove the Liberal Carbon Tax on all home heating across the country and to pass a bill the Liberals are holding up in the Senate to remove the Carbon Tax from all farmers.

The Liberals, NDP, and Bloc all voted against this commonsense measure, so Conservatives made good on our Leader’s commitment.

Last Thursday to Friday, Conservatives forced 135 separate votes on budget estimates in a 30-hour session of marathon voting.

Every vote related to government spending is a confidence vote and the Liberals needed to ensure they were all there all night (and win them all) to keep their embattled government from falling. 

The Liberals, NDP, and Bloc stood, and proudly voted to raise taxes on struggling Canadian families 135 times!

The government further showed their out of touch disdain for Canadians by calling our advocacy against the Carbon Tax (and additional inflationary deficit spending), “silly”, “absolutely ridiculous”, and (somehow, in their world) “bullying”. Good luck selling that point of view to the millions of Canadians struggling to pay for food and keep a roof over their head—especially as we head into the holiday season.

Canadians have been clear; they have lost confidence in this government and this Prime Minster. They want a Carbon Tax freeze followed by a “Carbon Tax election”—exactly what Conservatives are proposing.

These out of touch Liberals—and their equally out of touch NDP and Bloc enablers—are more interested in forcing their radical left-wing agenda on Canada than in listening to the needs of every day commonsense Canadians.

If the Liberals refuse to give Canadians a break on their crippling taxes, Conservatives will make sure they don’t get a break. We will continue to delay legislation with amendments and by forcing more confidence votes.

Conservatives are going to work hard at committee and in the House of Commons to block the Liberals’ $20 billion of new inflationary spending and the rest of their economically destructive plans.

Conservatives are going to fight tooth and nail to try to prevent this Prime Minister from just getting on his surfboard and leaving the House of Commons until he agrees to pass our common-sense proposal to axe the tax on Farmers, First Nations, and families heating their homes.

Only Conservatives are listening and only Conservatives are standing up for struggling Canadian families this holiday season.