What Happened to the CBC?

[:en]Earlier this week, a brave former CBC journalist confirmed what many Canadians have known for years. That our state broadcaster is driven not by a desire for truth but by a “radical political agenda”.
Tara Henley worked for the CBC for nine years. In a lengthy social media post, she published why she could no longer, in good conscience, work for the state broadcaster.
According to Henley, to work for the CBC is to “embrace cognitive dissonance and to abandon journalistic integrity.”
It is to consent to the idea that a growing list of subjects are off limits and that engaging in a national dialogue on certain issues is, somehow, dangerous.
“It is to capitulate to certainty, to shut down critical thinking, to stamp out curiosity. To keep one’s mouth shut, to not ask questions, to not rock the boat.”
As Henley, herself, asks: “How can good journalism possibly be done under such conditions? How could any of this possibly be healthy for society?”
“It is to allow sweeping societal changes like lockdowns, vaccine mandates, and school closures to roll out—with little debate. To see billionaires amass extraordinary wealth and bureaucrats amass enormous power—with little scrutiny. And to watch the most vulnerable among us die of drug overdoses—with little comment.”
Rather than ask the myriad of un-asked questions regarding COVID-19, the CBC is busy telling Canadians which words they should no longer use, lest they offend somebody.
In short, according to the CBC, the big issues of our day are settled. The “woke” agenda—a divisive and illogical worldview based on an obsession with identity politics—that the CBC and their political benefactors in the Liberal Government like to pretend is universal rules the day.
How else can Justin Trudeau expect to get away with going on TV and calling the unvaccinated “racist”, “misogynists” and ask the question, “will we tolerate them as a society”? He did, by the way, during last fall’s federal election. It is difficult to decide which is harder to believe: that the leader of the nation would say something so outlandish, divisive, and provocative, or that the CBC—and for that matter other mainstream media outlets—refused to report it.
According to Henley, CBC required employees to racially profile who they booked for on-air appearances. To “actively book more people of some races and less of others.”
Job interviews are also conducted along these lines: where racial background, sexual identity and adherence to progressive orthodoxy trump journalistic experience and ability. I have heard similar concerns voiced by multiple former CBC journalists.
The CBC of yesteryear, once so beloved by Canadians, is gone. Today’s CBC is more interested in propping up and promoting a political agenda than asking the tough questions.
It has jettisoned any interest in the who, what, where, when, why and how of good journalism in favor of the identity politics of Justin Trudeau.