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Why won’t Trudeau act on Chinese interference?

We all remember Justin Trudeau’s 2013 comment, that he admired China’s basic dictatorship. While, at the time, many Canadians wrote it off as naivete, the comment was clearly not missed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leadership in Beijing.

Given the revelations of recent weeks, what many put down to naivete seems to have belied something darker and foreshadowed a pattern of behavior that is questionable at best and deeply disturbing if the revelations (coming fast and furious from our intelligence officials) are true.

Recent reports show as early as 2013 there were machinations afoot in Beijing to help the son of Pierre Elliot Trudeau become Canada’s next Prime Minster. The CCP’s dreams were fulfilled just two years later after his surprise upset win over former Prime Minster Stephen Harper.

It didn’t take long for Beijing’s operatives to come calling.

In 2016, when Chinese billionaires wanted exclusive access to the Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau took their money. The question is, what did they get in exchange?

If we look back over the past seven and half years, the answer appears to be quite a lot.

The Liberals pledged $256 million to China’s Asian Infrastructure bank. Why fund a government that has engaged in a trade war against Canadian canola, beef, soybeans, and pork, spied on us, hacked our infrastructure, and kidnapped our citizens? Why does Canada continue to send tens of millions of dollars in foreign aid to China (an economy that dwarfs our own)?

While our allies and Five-Eyes partners were quick to ban Chinese tech giant Huawei’s access to their 5G networks (over espionage concerns), Justin Trudeau waffled, for years. Why?

While the two Michaels languished in a Chinese prison, Huawei heiress Meng Wanzhou lived in style in her BC mansion. The Liberal Government also planned (inexplicably) to hold joint military exercises with China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) on Canadian soil during this period.

Another Chinese state-owned enterprise, the Shandong Mining Company is trying to take over Nunavut based TMAC Resources in Canada’s Arctic. In fact, China, like Russia, has been aggressively positioning itself for economic and military superiority in the Arctic—this despite China not being a member of the Arctic Council. Again, Justin Trudeau is silent.   

We know Chinese scientists with ties to the PLA’s bio-weapons program were allowed to work in Winnipeg’s “secure” National Microbiology Lab and send samples of deadly pathogens to the Wuhan Lab. The Trudeau Government went so far as to sue Parliament to cover up China’s actions, allowing these spies to disappear. Why?

When it came to COVID-19, China’s communist government lied to the world. Yet, when it came to a COVID-19 vaccine, to whom did Justin Trudeau go first? The communist government of China.

Beijing continues to engage in cyberwarfare, hacking, misinformation, espionage, and intimidation of Chinese Canadians.

In recent months, we’ve learned this government allowed China to operate illegal police stations in Canada to harass and intimidate Chinese ex-pats. Despite the Trudeau Government’s claims to the contrary, these illegal police stations continue to operate.

We’ve learned of the $200,000 donation China made to the Trudeau Foundation; a gift accepted by the Prime Minister’s own brother.

We’ve learned how China interfered in the 2019 and 2021 elections. Of the CCP’s stated desire to see a Liberal Government with Justin Trudeau at the helm. How a Liberal MP may have helped them do so. When this concern was raised by intelligence officials the PM refused to act on it.

A report published in the Globe and Mail on May 1 revealed Conservative MP Michael Chong’s family was targeted by Chinese Diplomat Zhao Wei (reports confirmed by CSIS). Mr. Chong was not made aware of this until recently, yet the government callously and disingenuously blamed him saying he had known two years earlier (the members in question have since apologized). The diplomat in question faced no repercussions.

On Monday, Opposition parties united in passing a motion calling for the expulsion of this individual from Canada. It was astounding to watch the Liberals across the House continue to capitulate to Justin Trudeau and vote against protecting our democracy and our citizens.

Top security officials have also showed the Prime Minister’s claim—that he was never briefed on this matter—to be false. The information was widely dispersed among government departments and to the Prime Minister’s National Security Advisor. Moreover, at Committee, Mr. Trudeau’s Chief of Staff, Katie Telford, was clear that nothing is kept from him, and he reads all his briefing documents.

Why say you were never briefed when even your closest aides confirm you were?

Why refuse to expel those officials who have engaged in these actions against Canada?

Justin Trudeau seems willing to do whatever it takes, including endangering our citizens, economic and military interests, and our democracy to avoid offending the communist government in Beijing.


Whatever his reasons, one thing is clear: Communist China is not our friend, but they certainly have a friend in Justin Trudeau.