Get Ready for a Higher Carbon Tax

Justin Trudeau pretends he has a plan for the environment and that his Carbon Tax will achieve Canada’s emissions reductions targets under the Paris Accord. But now his own government’s figures confirm that isn’t true. Last week, the ... Full Article

Andrew Scheer’s Immigration Plan

Last week, Conservative leader Andrew Scheer outlined our positive Conservative vision for Immigration. People come to Canada because they want freedom, equality and opportunity. They want a better life for themselves and for their children. ... Full Article

A Canada Fueled Exclusively by Canadians

Last week, Andrew Scheer, leader of Canada’s Conservatives, announced his intention to pursue a Canadian energy corridor as Prime Minister. An energy corridor is a parcel of land that crosses provincial boundaries that has been designated for ... Full Article

Yet Another Liberal Scandal

Justin Trudeau has been implicated in another case of political interference in Canada’s criminal justice system. Earlier this year, it was widely reported that Justin Trudeau had politically interfered in the independent criminal prosecution ... Full Article

Auditor General Calls Out Liberal Failures

A new report by the Auditor General is deeply critical of the Trudeau Government’s handling of the mess at Canada’s border. In response to Justin Trudeau’s reckless “welcome to Canada” tweet, tens of thousands of migrants have ... Full Article

Working to Improve Border Crossing Hours

Last week I traveled to Washington D.C. to meet with American officials regarding the hours of operation at U.S. border crossings in Minnesota. In late 2017, several US ports of entry along the Manitoba-Minnesota border adjusted their hours. As ... Full Article

Trudeau Seeks to Silence

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer has received a letter from Justin Trudeau’s lawyer, threatening him with a lawsuit over his criticisms of Trudeau’s conduct in the SNC-Lavalin affair. This lawsuit threat is just the latest in Justin ... Full Article

Andrew Scheer Will Scrap the Carbon Tax

On Monday, Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Carbon Tax kicked in across Manitoba. The price of gas rose 4.6 cents per litre, with most stations now charging over $1.20 at the pump. Soon, Justin Trudeau’s Carbon Tax will begin to hit consumers ... Full Article

SNC-Lavalin Scandal Continues to Grow

It’s been quite a month in Ottawa. And as the Trudeau Liberals unveiled their final budget before this fall’s federal election, the SNC Lavalin scandal remained front and center. The Liberals tried to use this budget to turn the page on what ... Full Article