Mr. Trudeau, You’re Not an American

One would think Justin Trudeau’s long line of gaffes on the world stage would make him hesitant to leave the country. Instead, he continues to ignore numerous pressing domestic concerns in favour of those of other nations. To be clear, I am ... Full Article

Public “Service” a Contradiction in Terms

During the early days of COVID-19, when millions of Canadians were in need of government assistance, the Trudeau Liberals decided to send federal public servants home. Two years later, we’re still trying to clean up the mess. My staff have ... Full Article

Motion 11= Less Accountability

On Monday, the Liberal/NDP Government forced through Motion 11—a motion that essentially removes the ability of opposition parties to do their job of holding the government accountable. Motion 11 allows any Liberal minister to adjourn the ... Full Article

Parliament Begins Debate on Federal Budget

On April 7th, the Liberal/NDP Government presented its 2022 federal budget. Parliament has been in recess for the past two weeks. MPs have been studying the 280-page document. As Parliament resumes this week, MPs will have an opportunity to ... Full Article

Time to End Federal Restrictions

It has been nearly six months since some 4,000 federal public servants who chose not to be vaccinated, chose not to disclose their status, or sought exemptions were put on leave without pay. As of the beginning of this month, nearly half remain ... Full Article

Happy Easter

This Sunday (and next), Christians from around the world will gather to celebrate the focal point of the Christian faith: the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Western Christians, including Roman Catholics, Protestants and Evangelicals celebrate ... Full Article

Liberal Budget + NDP Payoff = Higher Inflation

By the time most of you read this, the Liberal Government will have already presented their new budget. I have heard from many Provencher residents who are concerned about the rapidly rising cost of living and how this budget may make things ... Full Article

What Does the World Think of Trudeau?

Justin Trudeau has always excelled at cringeworthy moments on the world stage—his disastrous India trip comes immediately to mind. His latest attempt to resurrect his international image—last week’s tour of Europe—was, sadly, no ... Full Article