The Liberals Want to Tax Your Home

In the midst of these difficult and uncertain economic times, the Liberals are quietly working to significantly raise your taxes. In 2018, at their policy convention, Liberals proposed a 50 % capital gains tax on the sale of residential homes. ... Full Article

COVID-19: Resources for Impacted Canadians

Manitoba declared a State of Emergency on March 20, 2020. Find answers to frequently asked questions here. The Government of Manitoba announced a phased approach to restore safe services in the province. Find the full plan here. General ... Full Article

Trudeau’s Third Strike

This is starting to sound all too familiar. First Justin Trudeau was found guilty of an ethics violation for accepting a paid vacation on a luxury island. Then he was found guilty for his involvement in the SNC-Lavalin scandal. Now he is under ... Full Article

Falk Responds to Liberal Economic ‘Snapshot’

Ottawa, ON – Ted Falk, Member of Parliament for Provencher, responded today to the Liberal government’s Economic and Fiscal ‘Snapshot’. Yesterday, Finance Minister Bill Morneau tabled the ‘Snapshot’ in the House of Commons, ... Full Article

Trudeau Under Investigation…AGAIN

Canada’s Ethics Commissioner has, once again, launched an investigation into Justin Trudeau’s behavior. This time it centers around the Prime Minister’s choice to award a $900 million contract to a charity with close ties to his family ... Full Article

Reflecting on Canada Day

2020 marks the 153rd anniversary of Confederation, when great Canadians, led by Sir John A. MacDonald, founded the Dominion of Canada. In 1867, this group of 36 pioneers cast a pragmatic vision for Canada. A land of freedom and promise. A land ... Full Article

Carrying On

We’ve come a long way. It was just over three months ago now that the Government of Manitoba declared a State of Emergency as a result of COVID-19. But this past weekend, Manitoba took another positive step forward as our province entered ... Full Article

Trudeau Sells Out Canadians for UN Seat

I’ve had a number of constituents ask me how Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is spending his time during the COVID-19 crisis. The answer may surprise you. When not popping out of his cottage to answer softball questions from the national media, ... Full Article